The following is a list of claims used to define Klinger’s Model of Planar Forces and Nothing Paradox.

  1.  The Universe is formed and influenced by planar forces.

  2.  Our visible Universe contains an octave of dimensions.  The octave contains the (outward) border of               our visible universe down to the building blocks we theorize as atoms or three dimensional materials.             These dimensions contain each other in what can be represented as concentric circles.

  3.  All matter has always existed in its entirety.  There is only this “something” because nothing is a                      concept; it is not a condition or state of being.  There is no such thing as nothing; there is only                          something, and there was always something. Awareness of something’s containment is the genesis of          consciousness and destruction of our universe.

  4.  Our Universe is not being created, it is being destroyed.

         a. To traverse from into and out of a point is to traverse a dimension.

         b. When we enter another dimension we go from viewing it as a point, to being inside of the point.                         Once inside, we are surrounded by the points making up the point. Look at the night sky.
         c. Our awareness of the point is destroying the point, the singularity, and our universe.
               i.To enter the point is to separate (add depth to) the point with your consciousness.
              ii. Sublimation occurs as the point is consumed by awareness. 

  5.  Division is the source of life and experience. Since something exists in its entirety, the only prospective          for new life (experience) is by division. We are dividing out of and within our dimension of existence.

          a. Division provokes change by increasing (creating new) surface area of something. Our sun is                           dividing and creating more 3D surface area in the 4D. This division is creating time. The gas giants                 are the remains of a preceding sun dividing inward.
          b. The border of something (nothingness) expands inward and allows for this experience. The border                  expands because a sphere dividing into two spheres without losing or creating volume will see its                    surface area increase.  The universe appears to be expanding when it divides inward.
           c. When a sphere divides it creates two center points from one.  This produces a right triangle with                       two equal sides. Because these sides are assumed equal, the hypotenuse of the new triangle will                      have a value of √2.
                  i.The fourth dimension (time) is created by this expansion of 3D surface area into 4D. The 4D                              must expand to hold the increased 3D. We see 4D as time, therefore t=√2.

  6.  The Fibonacci sequence is seen when viewing the expansion of one dimension into another. To view               this you must be outside of the interaction. It is essentially the 3D viewing the 1D as it divides and                   creates 2D. Or, it is the 5D viewing the 3D divide and create 4D. The sequence is defining a perspective.

         a. The cross corners of a cube are the continued hypotenuse pattern from cross corners of a plane.                    This can be seen as [(√1)^2+(√1)^2=(√2)^2] plane → cube [(√1)^2+(√2)^2=(√3)^2] → continues [(√2)              ^2+(√3)^2=(√5) ^2] → [(√3)^2+(√5)^2=(√8)^2], and so on.
          b. We see three dimensional objects inside the third dimension, this is adding depth to the third                            dimension, this is creating time. To be aware of it, we must see it from the fifth dimension. We must                be a dimension removed from the interaction to have perspective of it.
          c. Because we are a point of perspecive inside the 3D, we are in essence creating time because we are               inside of 3D viewing 3D from perspective.  This viewing of 3D from perspective creates a Fibonacci                 triangulation.
  7. Time is not the fourth dimension.  Time is a product of the fourth dimension. Time is specific to our                dimension, to our solar pocket. Time is our pause carved from an instant containing eternity. Our time            does not existence outside of this dimension, nor can it be recorded or compared from one dimension          to another.  Time, as a constant to measure the universe, cannot be assumed.

          a. Time is the effect one dimension has on its border dimensions. Time will always be between two                     dimensions to experience itself.  Time is the resistance to motion created by division. Time is the                   depth created by viewing 3D inside the 3D.
          b. All of the “time” we experience is seen as an “instant” everywhere but inside our fourth dimension                   pocket. The fourth dimension pocket would be seen as a solid (point) from the sixth dimension.
               i.The third dimension is seen as a solid from the fifth dimension.
                   1. We are experiencing a fourth dimension from a fifth dimension awareness.  Awareness comes                        from the perspective of the dimension containing the dimension being experienced. You must                          be outside of yourself to see or be aware of your containment.
          c. Upon division, a new star (third dimension) creates surface area creating more fourth dimension                      (time) as a containment.

                i. Its expansion into the fourth dimension creates a wave that is propogated by the Infinite Force                        (Polarity) provided by the containment of nothingness. This becomes our solar plane, a seam                          between opposing planar forces.
          d. The solar plane is dividing nothingness (containment) and is the result and cause of this division.

               i.This creates the magnetism phenomenon by providing a border or crease within nothingness and                    creates the opposing (polar) planar forces. These opposing planar forces are responsible for our                    magnetism. Because there is nothing on either side of the solar plane, the forces acting on the                        plane are opposing; creating the polar qualities.
              ii.Magnetism is not caused by the Earth’s spin; it is causing the Earth’s spin.

  8.  Gravity, as currently defined (attraction of mass), is a false interpretation of reality.  Planar forces are             responsible for all motion in our Universe.

         a. Gravity is the resitance to division, and resistance to the one dividing into the many. It is resistance                  to the whole being divided into the many.

         b. The gravitational orbit of planets is a result of planar forces containing and influencing the                                sublimation of the singularity.
  9.  All matter (consciousness) manifests into all dimensions and can be seen in the shape of a helix as it            creates depth inside of a plane. It is natures drill bit.  All dimensions are pressures of planar force                    exerted on each other. Between each pressure, must lay a border. Border distortion is what gives us the          helix we view.

          a. Three dimensional matter manifests in the fourth dimension.
              i.Creates helix we see with plants and animals.

          b. Fourth dimensional matter manifests in the fifth dimension as our solar system.
               i.The sun and planets make a vessel of fourth dimension as third dimension creating time. We                            know we are inside of this dimension, so we are viewing it from outside.

              ii.We cannot see this helix because we are inside under the influence of time.

          c. Fifth dimensional matter (stars collating) manifests in the sixth dimension as a galaxy in the                             shape of a helix. We see the sixth dimension being projected onto the seventh from our awareness                 in the fifth.
          d. Sixth dimensional matter (galaxies) manifests in the seventh dimension as the Universe in the                         shape of a helix.
               i.We cannot see this shape from our fifth dimension awareness.
              ii.We must be outside of it to see its formation; the fifth perspective is from inside the seventh and                    therefore cannot see a shape of containment.
             iii.We are inside of the universe therefore we cannot see the shape of the universe.
          e. Seventh dimension holds everything contained by the singularity.  It is the seam that contains all the               others.
               i.We cannot see this because we are inside of the singularity.
              ii.We would have to be outside of the singularity in order to see the shape made by the Universe.                        But, we would then be in a different octave (astral plane), and still unable to see the Universe’s                          shape from our perspective because we could only see a point (singularity).
             iii.Our consciousness is fifth dimensional and can only predict this same plane inside of any                                singularity.
          f. The eighth dimension is the border of it all and shares the same roll of containment as the first, just                 like an octave of music. It is the point, the singularity.
          g. The second dimension is to be outside of that point. To be outside of the singularity and to enter a                 plane. This is the beginning that is found at the end and initiates consciousness.

 10.  Energy (motion) is a product of the pressure dimensions apply to each other. The planar force pressure          is our containment by polarity and is responsible for the EMF force we see transfer from potential                    energy into time. Everthing that has lived has lived because of the compulsary energy produced by                  magnetism and conductive interference.  All life is a conductor using the polarity of the fifth dimension          containment as a magnetic field providing an infinite potential for the creation of time.

          a. All pressure is derived from surrounding dimensions and all dimensions are pressurized. The                           pressure surrounding time is magnetism.
               i.We are watching and controlling some of this fourth dimension (time) energy with our fifth                               dimension awareness.
              ii.We are moving into and out of a point. The resistance (friction) to this; is the time created by                            injecting perspective and creating depth with our consciousness inside the singularity.